Bladder cancer

German study recommends UBC® Rapid to be added in the diagnostics and follow-up of high risk bladder cancer

Dec 11, 2018

International Journal of Molecular Sciences has published a study on UBC® Rapid. In total 530 urine samples was included in the multicenterstudy.

The author of the study concluded that elevated values of UBC® Rapid Test in urine are higher in patients with non-muscle invasive high-grade bladder cancer in comparison to low-grade tumors and the healthy control group. Sensitivity for non-muscle invasive high-grade tumors is very high with 75% at a specificity of 93.8%. Thus, UBC® Rapid Test has the potential to be a more sensitive and specific urinary protein biomarker to identify patients with high-grade tumors that are difficult to detect in cystoscopy.

Results for UBC® RapidTest in both study centers of the present multicenter study are very similar and reproducible. UBC® Rapid Test is standardized and calibrated, and thus independent of use, batch of test, as well as study site.  UBC® Rapid Test should be added in the diagnostics and follow-up for NMI-HG tumors of urinary bladder cancer, though cystoscopy is still an important part of monitoring of bladder cancer.