Bladder cancer

German study recommends UBC® Rapid to be added in the diagnostics and follow-up of high risk bladder cancer

Dec 11, 2018

International Journal of Molecular Sciences has published a study on UBC® Rapid. In total 530 urine samples was included in the multicenterstudy.

The author of the study concluded that elevated values of UBC® Rapid Test in urine are higher in patients with non-muscle invasive high-grade bladder cancer in comparison to low-grade tumors and the healthy control group. Sensitivity for non-muscle invasive high-grade tumors is very high with 75% at a specificity of 93.8%. Thus, UBC® Rapid Test has the potential to be a more sensitive and specific urinary protein biomarker to identify patients with high-grade tumors that are difficult to detect in cystoscopy.

Results for UBC® RapidTest in both study centers of the present multicenter study are very similar and reproducible. UBC® Rapid Test is standardized and calibrated, and thus independent of use, batch of test, as well as study site.  UBC® Rapid Test should be added in the diagnostics and follow-up for NMI-HG tumors of urinary bladder cancer, though cystoscopy is still an important part of monitoring of bladder cancer.

6 things you need to know about Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is the ninth most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world with an estimated 430 000 new cases reported in 2012. Men are more than three times more likely to get bladder cancer than women. Smoking is a major cause of bladder cancer. Exposure to industrial...

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