About us

We provide knowledge to decisions.

AroCell is a Swedish diagnostics company

with the vision to improve the monitoring of oncological and bacterial diseases. We have a broad product portfolio of IVD tests that deliver high-value clinical information for the detection of disease with indications spanning everything from urological cancers to typhoid fever. AroCell targets different patient groups in different parts of the world.

Based on our proprietary technologies

and our biomarkers, we develop tests that are clinically useful and economically viable, making us a valuable and relevant diagnostic partner for healthcare professionals. We provide rapid tests, laboratory tests and platform tests that improve decision making and are non-invasive, cost effective, and easy to perform – all of which are important criteria for the healthcare and payer community.

At AroCell, we are proud that our diagnostic solutions

can contribute to one of the ‘three imperatives’ for reducing the burden of disease: diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. In the wake of covid-19, it is fair to say that diagnostics has been given a well-deserved place in the healthcare limelight. With a growing number of elderly people around the world in combination with an increase in the incidence of chronic diseases, the need for accurate diagnostics is essential.

We create value for our shareholders

by executing our strategy of increasing sales volumes in existing markets, obtaining market approvals in other prioritized markets, and continuously developing the next generation of IVD tests. With a pipeline that meets current and future demands, we stay relevant not only to patients, but to all our stakeholders. AroCell was first listed in 2016 and our shares are traded on Stockholm Nasdaq First North.

With an organization that occupies the entire value chain

from R&D to manufacturing and marketing, we have the flexibility of a small company and the characteristics of a big company. It enables us to be a fast mover in the fast growing field of IVD-tests This is critical for us to be able deliver on our vision to be valuable and relevant diagnostic partner in oncology healthcare.

A word from the CEO

Dear friends!

Exciting times lie ahead of us.

With the successful integration of IDL Biotech into the AroCell Group, we have accelerated our efforts to advance oncology diagnostics with the next generation of in vitro (IVD) tests. We are proud to say that today AroCell possesses all the capabilities of a “large” company – including an R&D organization with scalable manufacturing facilities as well as a marketing and a sales organization – while at the same time maintaining the agility of a “small” company.

The COVID effect.

Along with therapeutics and vaccines, diagnostics constitutes the critical “third imperative” for reducing the disease burden for many severe diseases. Diagnostics can provide critical information at every step of the patient journey – from diagnosis through to monitoring, screening and prognosis. Diagnostics improve patient care and contribute to protecting a patient’s health and limiting healthcare spending. The pandemic has put a spotlight on IVDs in the global effort to combat and control the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Beyond the unprecedented general awareness of diagnostics that this has created, we believe that it will impact both healthcare professionals and patient expectations for diagnostic test availability, speed and accuracy.

Broad product offering.

Healthcare providers and payers look for tests that improve decision-making, are non-invasive, cost effective, and easy to perform. AroCell’s tests tick all these boxes. Our product portfolio comprises three test categories based on three biomarkers: rapid tests, platform tests, and laboratory tests. Rapid tests are the fastest growing category with the highest margins and is a strategic priority for AroCell.

Rapidly growing demand for disease detection.

Overall, the main market driver for the diagnostic market is the increased prevalence of chronic diseases. As just one example, the incidence of cancer is expected to grow by 47 percent globally over the next 20 years, leading to almost 30 million cancer cases by 2040. Therefore, there are significant expectations on advancements in oncology diagnostics based on new biomarkers and new technologies. We hope to contribute to meeting this growing demand with the next generation of combination tests.

On route to deliver on our vision.

AroCell is committed to becoming a gold standard in oncologic diagnostics and the preferred choice for healthcare providers. With our experienced and highly engaged team, board and stakeholder network, we will do everything we can to make that a reality.

Please join us on our journey!
Anders Hultman, CEO of AroCell


We are listed on NASDAQ First North Growth Market.

We want to be the obvious choice within our segment in the markets where we are established. The market for our products is large and we are a smaller player with significant growth potential so far. AroCell is unique for a company of this size.


An effective typhoid test

Typhoid fever is water and food-borne infectious disease caused by the bacterium, Salmonella enterica. IDL Biotechs product TUBEX® TF, is a rapid and sensitive in vitro diagnostic test for the detection of acute typhoid fever.


Diagnostics for oncology

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, despite advancing knowledge. To improve cancer patient management, there is a clear need for efficient diagnostics tools to capture this critical clinical data.