Bladder cancer

IDL Biotech includes additional clinics in its ongoing multicenter study for UBC® Rapid in Sweden.

Jan 25, 2021

IDL Biotech currently has a number of ongoing clinical studies both internationally and in Sweden, with the aim of demonstrating the clinical benefit of UBC® Rapid in bladder cancer and having the test included as a complement in the follow-up of patients with bladder cancer who are classified as high risk.

UBC® Rapid can be a valuable complement to today’s diagnostics. The Swedish multicenter study conducted at a number of urology clinics in Sweden is a phase 2 study where a number of pilot studies are performed on patients with newly discovered high-grade bladder cancer, patients who have had a relapse and patients with more advanced urothelial cancer during treatment or follow-up.

“Due to Covid-19, several of our ongoing studies both internationally and in Sweden have been delayed in 2020. After Christmas, however, we have noticed that some of the studies have slowly started and by now engaging 3 additional clinics for the Swedish study, we hope be able to include patients faster, ”says Ann-Christine Nilsson, CSO and clinical manager at IDL Biotech. 

Read the press release here(Swedish)