AroCell AB


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Since 2021

Anders Hultman

Anders Hultman started his employment at AroCell in 2018. He has more than 20 years of experience in managerial and executive positions in finance, sales, and marketing. Furthermore, he has extensive international experience from several executive positions such as CFO, Sales Director, Product Marketing Director, and CEO in pharma, IT, telecom, and e-commerce companies. Anders has a BSc(Econ) degree.

Holdings in AroCell: 1,120,000 shares and 566,000 warrants.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Since 2022

Ellen Dittberner

Ellen has extensive experience in several different areas such as Group Accounting, Controlling, and Change Management. Ellen has previously worked as Head of Group Accounting at Holmgrens Bil AB. Ellen has an MBA degree.

Holdings in AroCell: 566,000 warrants.

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
Since 2021

Gunnar Wahlberg

Gunnar is an experienced manager with 20+ years of experience in international marketing, sales, and business development. Gunnar has created and implemented a global brand strategy and established business and developed sales during international expansion. Gunnar has an M.Sc in BA.

Holdings in AroCell: 150,000 shares and 566,000 warrants.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Since 2022

Marie Torstensson

Marie has over 20 years of experience in In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD), with extensive product and marketing experience in the medical and diagnostic fields. She has been employed since 2012 and before that worked at the veterinary medicine company Boehringer Ingelheim Svanova. Marie has a MMSc degree.

Holdings in AroCell: 75,600 shares and 566,000 warrants.

Chief Scientific Officer (CScO)
Since 2023

Kiran Kumar Jagarlamudi

Kiran has a master’s in animal science and a doctoral degree in Veterinary Medicine from Swedish Agricultural University. Dr. Jagarlamudi has an extensive experience in the development of antibody-based assays for TK1 in both human and veterinary medicine. He has been working at AroCell since 2015 as a clinical research manager and from 2018 as a research and development manager.

Holdings in AroCell: 15,927 shares and 300,000 warrants.

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)
    Since 2019

    Gustav Sten

    Gustav Sten has considerable experience within the development, production, and quality control of diagnostic products. Gustav joined IDL in 2018. He was previously employed at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Fiomi AB. Gustav has a BSc(Eng) degree.

    Holdings in AroCell: 84,000 shares and 566,000 warrants.

      Chief Quality Officer (CQO)
      Since 2017

      Tina Yang

      Tina holds a Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry from Royal Institute of Technology. Tina has many years of experience within QC/QA/REG after working for AstraZeneca for fourteen years.

      Holdings in AroCell: 7,560 shares.

        About us

        We provide knowledge to decision.

        AroCell is a Swedish diagnostics company with the vision to improve the monitoring of oncological and bacterial diseases. We have a broad product portfolio of IVD tests that deliver high-value clinical information for the detection of diseases.


        An effective typhoid test

        Typhoid fever is water and food-borne infectious disease caused by the bacterium, Salmonella enterica. IDL Biotechs product TUBEX® TF, is a rapid and sensitive in vitro diagnostic test for the detection of acute typhoid fever.