Rapid Typhoid Detection.

IDL Biotech’s TUBEX® TF is a rapid and sensitive in vitro diagnostic test for the detection of acute typhoid fever, a disease caused by Salmonella typhi. 


TUBEX® TF can easily be performed in any laboratory or field setting, and with a result within 10 minutes. A positive TUBEX® TF result, together with typical clinical symptoms, is a strong indication of acute typhoid fever.

The test is a semiquantitative assay based on IMBI® technology (Inhibition Magnetic Binding Immunoassay), a simple assay technology based on visual interpretation.

A complement product to TUBEX® TF is TUBEX® TF Wash which is recommended to be used for the analysis of colored serum samples.

IDL Biotech is the legal manufacturer of TUBEX® TF and TUBEX® TF Wash.


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TUBEX® TF is characterized by high sensitivity and specificity. TUBEX® TF can be performed in any laboratory environment and the result is ready within 10 minutes.

Clinical evaluation

In a comparative study in the Philippines, Kawano and co-workers evaluated four antibody detection tests for typhoid fever. The sensitivity of TUBEX® TF was 95% at a specificity of 80%. In this study TUBEX® TF performed best among other analysed tests. TUBEX® TF has been clinically evaluated on more than 5000 patients in different endemic settings, showing consistent performance across multiple continents.  

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An effective typhoid test

Typhoid fever is water and food-borne infectious disease caused by the bacterium, Salmonella enterica. IDL Biotechs product TUBEX® TF, is a rapid and sensitive in vitro diagnostic test for the detection of acute typhoid fever.


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Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, despite advancing knowledge. To improve cancer patient management, there is a clear need for efficient diagnostics tools to capture this critical clinical data.


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