Research and corporate milestones

2018: The AroCell board appoints Michael Brobjer as new CEO for AroCell in December 2018, replacing Jan Stålemark. Anders Hultman appointed as a new CFO, replacing previous CFO Ann Hammarstrand, since December 2018.

In April 2018, AroCell signs a global license agreement with Roche Diagnostics to develop diagnostic test to help improve cancer diagnosis and disease management. This gives Roche Diagnostics global sales rights for which AroCell will receive royalties.

A new distribution agreement signed with the South Korean company Green Cross Cell Corporation, exclusive on the South Korean market.

2017: In November, AroCell TK™ 210 ELISA showed correlation to clinical/radiologically determined tumor response, as well as pathologically determined response and disease-free survival. Poster presented at ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology Congress) in Singapore.

A scientific poster presented at the National Cancer Research Institute in London showed results that TK210 ELISA has a significant correlation with PHI and pro-PSA.

New distribution agreement signed with Pathway Diagnostics Ltd, for distribution of the AroCell TK 210 ELISA test in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In September 2017 an abstract on a new study measuring induction and release of TK 1 in tumor cell lines in vitro, and modeling the clinical effects of Doxorubicin, was accepted by the National Cancer Research Institute annual meeting in Liverpool. Also presented at Purine and Pyrimidine Society in Gdansk.

2016: New scientific research on the AroCell TK 210 Elisa biomarker published in breast cancer and on improved assay sensitivity by modification of the zero calibrator.

AroCell AB changes share listing to Nasdaq Nordic exchange in June. A distribution agreement for North America is signed between AroCell AB and Eagle Biosciences in October.

2015: AroCell obtains CE mark for TK 210 ELISA product in Q3 2015. The organisation is augmented and reinforced with the employment of Helena Wensman, PhD as Global Product Manager and Kiran Kumar Jagarlamudi, PhD as Product Specialist.

2014: The AroCell board appoints Jan Stålemark as new CEO in AroCell in May 2014 to replace former CEO Anne-Charlotte Aronsson. The board also appoints Erik Walldén as new Chairman of the Board of AroCell in May.

In October 2014 a new study for the AroCell TK 210 ELISA test is announced with promising first results indicating earlier detection of tumour growth by means of increased TK  210 values compared with the established biomarker CA 15-3.

2013: AroCell  reinforces the existing patent portfolio with a new patent application regarding monoclonal antibodies with focus on a specific portion, the epitope of the thymidine kinase molecule. This will enable adaptation of the TK 210 product to standardized automatic laboratory platforms.

2012: A new rights issue was completed in April 2012. It was over-subscribed by approximately 3.3 MSEK, excluding committed warranties. Through the rights issue the company has been issued 3852770 shares and 1926385 warrants of the series TO 1. AroCell added thus approximately 5.2 MSEK in fresh capital before issue costs.

A collaboration with the American company GenScript Inc. was started for development of new improved antibodies with a new methodology. The new antibodies will replace the component in AroCell´s product that showed variability in the production. AroCell will use this method to select exactly the new antibodies that are best suited for AroCells future products.

2011: A new share issue was completed in May 2011 of 7 MSEK. The proceeds are used for final development, production set up and launch of the first planned product, TK 210/hem. After completion of the issue the company was listed on AktieTorget (EquitY Marketplace).

A distribution agreement for Italy was signed with the Italian company BIO EXE S.r.l. in November 2011.

2010: A rights issue of, in total, 2.6 MSEK was finalized in June 2010.The money will cover the costs for the final development phase and basic clinical documentation of the ELISA test.
An agreement was signed between AroCell and EuroDiagnostica in July 2010 for production of the TK

2009: Third round of investments, April 2009, for the first step in the development of a clinically useful TK ELISA.

2008: Prototype ELISA assay developed.

2007: Introducing the first product for immunohistochemistry and prototype ELISA assay. The first product based on our patented cell proliferation marker XPA-210 is now available for customers in immunohistochemistry.

2006: Change of name to AroCell AB.

Eureka project acceptance and funding from Vinnova.

Prize winning in Venture Cup, (2nd and 3rd stage). Finalist in “Swedish Spin-off Company of the year” (Årets avknoppningsföretag, February 2007). AroCell was named one of six finalists in the annual award.

2005: First financing.

2003: Founded as “Xi Bao Research AB” by Per Matsson (Phadia AB), Qimin He, Sven Skog and Bernhard Tribukait (Karolinska Institute), Arne Ferstad (external consultant) and Staffan Eriksson (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).