Schedule revision providing for CE-mark during third quarter 2015

In conjunction with the scaling-up of the production process for TK 210 ELISA, unforeseen issues have caused a delay. These issues have been identified and are being addressed accordingly. The revised schedule means that the company will introduce a CE-marked product during third quarter 2015.

We have unfortunately encountered some challenges in the process of gearing up to large scale production; however the increasing volume of data from our ongoing internal studies indicates that the product performance is very promising. We are in control of the processes and I am very confident that we will be able to introduce a product with high quality and good performance” states Jan Stålemark, AroCell CEO.

For additional information please contact:
Jan Stålemark, CEO
AroCell AB (publ) Tel: +46706-926206


About AroCell AB
AroCell AB is a Swedish company in Uppsala, Sweden. AroCells technology is based on an innovative method to measure the speed of cell division in the human body, which can provide a measurement of how aggressive a cancer tumor may be. This is done by means of a simple blood test and a laboratory test, called TK 210 ELISA, which provides valuable clinical information for prognosis, monitoring and optimizing cancer treatment. The test may also be used for follow-up and in treatment of potential disease relapse. AroCell is listed on the Swedish AktieTorget and has approximately 1 365 shareholders. For more information, please see

Schedule revision providing for CE-mark during third quarter 2015 in Swedish, PDF