New clinical study with promising results

A new clinical study shows indications that AroCells new TK 210 ELISA-test and a simple blood test can provide guidance in the treatment of breast cancer and follow-up for early discovery of relapse.

These indications were reported in a recently published study based on AroCells new TK 210 ELISA-test (see enclosed link). The results show that the AroCell test can detect tumor growth by means of increased TK values in an earlier stage, compared to the commonly used CA 15-3, which is the most frequently used breast cancer test in many European countries, for the treatment and follow-up of breast cancer patients.

“We are certainly very pleased with these positive new results” says Jan Stålemark, CEO at AroCell. “We are continuing with several larger studies to evaluate our new test. These initial results are from a limited first study, but are very promising indeed”.

“The process of developing and standardizing the TK 210 ELISA-test has been ongoing since 2003, when AroCell was founded. To see positive results of our test in clinical studies is very satisfying” says Professor Staffan Eriksson, one of the founders of AroCell and a member of the research team conducting the clinical trials with AroCells TK 210 ELISA.

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Jan Stålemark, CEO AroCell AB
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About AroCell AB
AroCell AB is a Swedish company in Uppsala, Sweden. AroCells technology is based on an innovative method to measure the speed of cell division in the human body, which can provide a measurement of how aggressive a cancer tumor may be. This is done by means of a simple blood test and a laboratory test, called TK 210 ELISA, which provides valuable clinical information for prognosis, monitoring and optimizing cancer treatment. The test may also be used for follow-up and in treatment of potential disease relapse. AroCell is listed on the Swedish AktieTorget and has approximately 1 365 shareholders. For more information, please see