Get to know Jonas Söderholm!

AroCell today welcomes our latest addition to the team, Jonas Söderholm as Global Medical Lead. Here are some questions we asked to get to know him a little better.

-Who is Jonas?
I am a curious person with an interest in understanding how things work. Already early in life, I knew that it was the research that I wanted to work with. I like to have a lot going on. As an example, when I worked full time as a researcher at Sahlgrenska Academy, I also studied 100% in economics at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. Until recently, I have also combined working at Abbvie, with research and lecturing at Karolinska Institutet. A little later this year, I also hope to receive an associate professor degree from Karolinska Institutet.

I have worked a lot with both viruses and the immune system, and in Gothenburg, I also got to work with biomarkers. What I find interesting is to be able to predict the outcome and reduce the uncertainty, to create a clear guide for doctors. Receiving a clear answer to how a treatment can take shape and outcome can also motivate the patient to continue with the treatment.

-What inspired you to pursue the career you have today?
When I was a child, I saw a French children’s program called En cell-sam historia in Swedish, which was about the body and the immune system and how the body fights viruses. It brought to me an interest in understanding the mechanism behind how the body works, so it was natural for me to start working with viruses and drugs. The children’s program has stayed with me even today, and I have often used clips from it in my lectures in various courses.

The dream was to be able to start my own in this area, which was the reason why I built on my education with a degree in economics to be able to supplement the research part with business thinking. After graduating from the School of Business, I got the opportunity to start at Abbvie, which was a great opportunity to develop and get a good foundation on how to launch new drugs. But now, after a few years, it’s time for some new challenges and knowledge. That said, curiosity has always been what pushed me in life.

-Why did you choose to start working at AroCell?
It is mainly due to the global angle, I have worked a lot on the Swedish and Scandinavian markets, so it feels exciting to challenge yourself and try something new. Especially fun will it be to launch a new product on the US market, particularly with a Swedish company. Then also AroCell’s product is very interesting and cancer is an important area. It will also be exciting to work with biomarkers again.

-What experiences do you have that will be useful to AroCell?
I have been involved in launching three different drugs, all of which had different conditions. It has given me a lot of experience with how a successful launch is done but also to see new possibilities for further success. My background in having researched and written publications on biomarkers is a good experience to be able to convey the benefits of the product to healthcare.

-Something that not many knows about you?
Ever since 1997, I’ve seen every Super Bowl live. American football is an interest that was awakened when I used to live in the United States. Unfortunately, since the Chargers moved from San Diego, I no longer have a team to follow.