Get to know Cecilia Ahlin – a short interview

Cecilia Ahlin started to work at AroCell two months ago, here is a short interview to get to know her a little bit better.

-Who is Cecilia Ahlin?
I am 53 years old and living with my husband in Enköping. I have a son that at the moment is studying in Umeå, and two dogs, a German shepherd, and a Malinois. One of my interests in my spare time is fitness and workout which gives me the energy to perform and reach my goals, inside and outside the gym. Another big interest of mine is dogs and more specifically dog training in IGP, which I have been doing for many years in national and international contexts. It is an exciting sport including parts such as tracking, obedience, and protection.

-What inspired you to pursue the career you have today?
I have always wanted to work in the medical field so when I was younger my decision was between vet or doctor and I ended up in medical school. The oncology field became of interest due to its research-heavy focus but also as an oncologist you are much more involved in the patient journey, by building a close and prolonged doctor-patient relationship.

-Why did you choose to start working at AroCell?
AroCell is a very interesting company with an exciting product and great potential. The possibility to work at a smaller company has been attractive to me. The quick decision making, fast processes, closer collaborations, and still deeply involvement in the research and development. Which I felt was missing in a much bigger company. It is an exciting opportunity to work at AroCell and together taking it to the next level.

-What past experiences do you have that will be useful to AroCell?
My previous 20 years of experience have given me a broad knowledge in the oncology field both as a researcher and oncologist myself. I have a great understanding of how clinical studies need to be performed and what an oncologist wants to know. Most recently, I have worked at a big pharma company as Medical Head Oncology Sweden which has widened my knowledge also in the business area.

-What’s your secret talent that not many knows about?
Some of my secret talents are that I read faster than the most, and I can deadlift 90kg in the gym.