Report from the Annual General Meeting of AroCell

On May 18 2016, AroCell AB (publ) held its Annual General Meeting. The resolutions from the Meeting are summarised below. All resolutions were adopted with necessary majority

4,420,294 (15.4 percent) of the total of 28,674,506 shares were represented at the meeting.

The Meeting resolved to adopt the presented income statement and balance sheet. The Meeting also resolved to allocate the company's loss in accordance with the Board of Directors' proposal in the Annual Accounts. It was further resolved that no dividend would be paid for financial year 2015.

The Meeting resolved to discharge the members of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer from liability for 2015.

The Meeting resolved that the Board of Directors shall comprise six ordinary members and to appoint one auditor without a deputy.

The Meeting resolved that the remuneration for the board shall be paid with SEK 150,000 for the chairman, and SEK 60,000 for each board member. It was further resolved that the remuneration of the auditor shall be paid on approved invoice.

The Meeting resolved to re-elect Erik Walldén, Håkan Englund, Staffan Eriksson, Jan Mellberg and Carl Blomqvist, and to elect Christine Tadgell as a new member of the Board. Erik Walldén was appointed chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Meeting elected Ernst & Young AB as auditor. The audit company stated that Björn Ohlsson will be Auditor In Charge.

All the above elections relate to the period until the next Annual General Meeting.

The Meeting resolved to appoint a Nomination Committee ahead of the 2017 Annual General Meeting and adopted Instructions and rules of procedure for the Nomination Committee.

The Meeting did not resolve to authorize the Board of Directors to decide on new share issue as presented in the proposal in the notice convening the meeting.

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AroCell AB (publ)

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About AroCell

AroCell AB (publ) is a Swedish company that develops standardized modern blood tests to support the prognosis and follow-up of cancer patients. AroCell's new technology is based on patented methods to measure TK1 protein levels, which provide valuable information concerning the speed of cell turnover. A tumor has high cell turnover (speed of cell division and cell death) and as a result TK1 can be detected in the blood with a simple laboratory test, called TK 210 ELISA. The test provides valuable clinical information for prognosis and optimization of treatment strategy. The test may also be used for monitoring disease relapse. AroCell (AROC) is listed on the AktieTorget marketplace in Sweden and has about 2,800 shareholders. For more information, please see  (