Elevated levels of serum TK1 in Hodgkin Lymphoma patients

AroCell announces today that a new publication titled “Serum concentration of Thymidine kinase 1 measured using a novel antibody-based assay in patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma” is now available in the scientific journal Upsala Journal of Medical Science.

The article is written by Johan Mattison Ulfsted, Per Venge, Staffan Eriksson et.al. and is based on a study where Thymidine kinase 1 (TK1) serum concentration levels were measured in 58 patients with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at diagnosis, relapse, or treatment, and was compared with healthy samples. The TK1 concentration in serum samples was measured using the AroCell TK 210 ELISA assay.
The study showed that patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma have significantly higher concentrations of TK1 with increasing concentrations with increasing disease stages. The study also showed TK1 to increase during chemotherapy in the majority of patients.
“We are happy with these exciting results that will broaden the application of AroCell TK 210 ELISA and measurement of TK1 concentrations in other oncology areas. Illustrating that TK1 can be a useful biomarker in the evaluation of patients with advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma” says Anders Hultman, AroCells CEO.