Clinical study to broaden the market and use of TUBEX® TF

AroCell today announces a new study that has been started in South Sudan for evaluation of the company's product TUBEX® TF. This evaluation study with TUBEX® TF will be performed at the South Sudan National Public Health Laboratory (SSNPHL) which is part of the Ministry of Health (MoH) South Sudan. The study is carried out for documentation of TUBEX® TF and will after a positive outcome work as a basis for market approval and sales in South Sudan.

“AroCell is actively working to establish TUBEX in several African markets. When this evaluation study is completed with a positive result, our distributor DNA Solution Technologies can start sales in South Sudan", says Anders Hultman, AroCells CEO.

TUBEX® TF is a bacteriological rapid test for simple and safe diagnosis of typhoid fever, the most serious form of salmonella. Typhoid fever is a water- and food-borne infectious disease that can be fatal if the correct diagnosis is not made and treatment is initiated. According to the WHO, 11–20 million new cases are diagnosed annually, of which more than 160,000 lead to deaths, mainly among children.

Typhoid fever causes high fever, flu-like symptoms, and severe diarrhea, which are potentially life-threatening if not treated properly. Due to the symptoms, the patient may be misdiagnosed with diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, or pneumonia. As typhoid fever is treated with antibiotics and antibiotic resistance is, unfortunately, a growing problem, rapid testing, and correct diagnosis is a further argument for the need.

South Sudan is the youngest country in the world, lack of infrastructure combined with annual floods leads to a high incidence of waterborne diseases, not the least typhoid fever. This year, the country has been hit by the worst flood in 60 years and hundreds of thousands of inhabitants have had to be relocated to temporary camps, a situation that favors further spread of infection, in the absence of clean water. Then even water wells with clean water are flooded with river water and become the only water available to drink.

The trend of extreme floods is, unfortunately, the same in many African countries, e.g. as a result of global warming.