Changes in AroCell’s management

AroCell announces today that Professor Gunnar Steineck has been appointed interim Chief Medical Officer at AroCell. Gunnar has a long experience as a urologist/oncologist and has previously been a board member of AroCell. Gunnar will take up the position on August 6, 2020.

“I am very pleased that Gunnar is taking on this position. His experience and knowledge in oncology and urology are very valuable for AroCell and Gunnar has previously made significant contributions in his role as a board member and in specific consulting assignments ", says Michael Brobjer, CEO of AroCell
At the same time, AroCell announces that it has agreed with the current CMO, Cecilia Ahlin, to end her employment at AroCell. Cecilia began her employment at AroCell on May 1 and has during the summer been on leave at her own request. We wish Cecilia all the best in her continued clinical work.