We can run your samples for you!

In collaboration with Corgenix Inc., we offer the service of measuring the TK1 in blood samples with TK 210 ELISA at Corgenix lab in Colorado, USA. Corgenix has a CAP/CLIA lab where they perform analysis of TK 1 using TK210 ELISA in both clinical samples as well as laboratory pre-clinical samples.


Contact us directly for measurement of pre-clinical samples at our lab in Uppsala. AroCell is able to measure TK1 on laboratory test samples, for clinical samples we have a number of contract labs that can support you with the analysis of TK1 from clinical samples.

Contact Corgenix for ordering:

Corgenix Inc.
Phone: 303-457-4345
Toll-Free: 800-729-5661

AroCell lab at Uppsala:

AroCell AB
Phone: +46 (0)18 50 30 20