Strategy and goals

AroCell’s strategy is to develop, manufacture, and supply reliable, simple, robust, and scalable tools for the monitoring of cancer patients. This will help oncologists make right and timely decisions that improve the effectiveness of treatment and enable them to detect the early recurrence of cancer disease.

We use AroCell’s proprietary technologies and the CE-marked AroCell TK 210 ELISA platform to develop clinically useful and economically viable tools that improve cancer care globally.

We accomplish this by working in clinical areas either where biomarkers do not exist or existing solutions are insufficient. We also validate and commercialize diagnostic solutions for unmet clinical needs in cancer by focusing on monitoring patients’ response to treatment, progression and remission of disease, and recurrence of disease.

Validation of our products and technologies is a key activity to gain acceptance in the clinical community, create demand, and obtain the proofs needed for access to regulated key markets such as Europe and the US.

We create value for shareholders by showing clinical utility through validation of our technologies in a range of disease areas, through steady and continued commercial success, and finally through partnerships with large and global companies.

Goals and objectives

AroCell’s goals are to clinically validate and commercialize its proprietary technologies, and to make TK1 a standard biomarker and AroCell TK 210 ELISA a standard test for monitoring of disease in cancer care worldwide.

By meeting our goals we will contribute to improving survival rates and the quality of life for cancer patients, our ultimate objective.