Board of Directors

Seated: Carl Blomqvist, MD; Christine Tadgell BSc, Staffan Eriksson, MD, PhD, Professor.
Standing: Chairman Eric Walldén, Håkan Englund, MBA.
Missing from photo: Jan Mellberg, MSc.

Erik Walldén

Chairman, Board of Directors

Erik Walldén has a record of achievement from over 30 years leadership in the international Life Science industry. He has led the global launching of several new technologies, established and restructured companies, successfully closed private placements and IPOs. Most recently he comes from the Swedish company Gyros. Before that Erik Walldén was the CEO the Swedish biotech company Affibody Holding, Biacore International, Pyrosequencing. He has been active in establishing and part of the executive management of companies such as the US based PerSeptive Biosystems Inc., Pharmacia Biosensor and Pharmacia Biotech. Erik Walldén is a member of the Board of Directors at CellSeed AB and Virgin Instruments Corporation Inc.

Staffan Eriksson

MD, PhD, Professor

MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, CSO and Board Member. Prof Eriksson is a world leading scientist in the area of structure and function of TK1 with more than 100 publications during the last 10 years. Staffan Eriksson is one of the founders of AroCell.

Jan Mellberg

M. Sc.

Jan Mellberg is a business advisor with more than 25 years experience in the finance area. Previously CFO and Executive Vice President of Pharmacia LKB Biotechnology AB and Procordia Beverages/Pripps Ringnes. Member of the board of several companies in the life science sector.

Håkan Englund


Håkan Englund has more than 30 years of experience in the life science industry. He has in the last five years has been the Executive Vice President of Phadia and responsible for a business unit that develops and introduces new diagnostic products to both existing and new customer groups. Håkan Englund has had a number of senior management positions within Phadia – Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Manager and as Business Development Manager and Business Unit Manager at Pharmacia Biotech, and other leading positions both in Sweden and abroad with a focus on developing new products/markets.

Carl Blomqvist


Carl Blomqvist is an oncologist and has conducted extensive breast cancer research for many years. He is currently Head of the Oncology Department of the Docrates Cancer Center in Helsinki, Finland.

Christine Tadgell


Christine Tadgell has over 20 years of experience in commercial strategy development with a diverse biopharmaceutical background combining European, North American and International experience. Christine Tadgell is currently Vice-President for the inVentiv Health Commercial Group providing commercial strategy support for several European clients including Swedish biotech firm NeuroVive Pharmaceuticals. She has also held senior leadership positions in several pharmaceutical organizations including Sanofi at global headquarters and in the Nordic region. Christine Tadgell has a history of success in corporate and commercial strategy development and sales execution of strategy within several speciality therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiovascular and neurology.